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Joliano Robotic Swimming Lure Auto Electric Lure USB Rechargeable Swimbait Multi Jointed Segment Fishing Lure LED Light


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  • [Rechargeable Lure] Built in battery and motor the fishing lure can be charged and self-moving. It is easy to use.
  • [4 Section Jointed Lure] The robotic swimming fishing bait is designed with 4 segment body which makes the fishing bait swim like a real fish in water and move more flexible.
  • [Sturdy Fishing Hooks] Rigged with sharp hooks to catch fish like musky, pike, walleye, trout, bass etc in the freshwater or saltwater.
  • [How does the robotic lure work] Equipped with a high-speed motor that activates within 3 seconds when the fishing bait contacts the water. The fishing bait will swim for 5-12 seconds then stop to allow fish to bite. The LED light is designed to attract fish both day and night!
  • 【Package included】 1x Robotic fishing lure with hooks; 1x Charge cable; 1x Float; 2x Spare propellers; 1x Instruction; 1x Box; 4 x leader.


New Robotic swimming lure

  • new pattern
  • long lasting battery

Auto-swimming lure is a mechanized, self-propelling fishing lure that is electronically programmed to swim like a real fish. Charge it, then connect it with the fishing line and tie the float on the line, cast them to the water. It will swim automatically in 3 seconds.

Details about electric fishing lure

  • 3D eyes and vivid pattern
  • Segment body connected by iron link
  • Led light
  • 2# sharp hook
  • Equipped with propeller


Charging instruction

  1. Make sure the fishing lure is dry before charging.
  2. Plug in the USB charging and attach the clamps as the instruction: postive electrode is above and the negative electrode is under. (As the image)


How does the robotic fishing lure work?

The robotic lure activates and starts working after being submerged in water for a few seconds. The led light turns on while the propeller and motor are active. It will automatically stop after 5-12 seconds to wait for the prey to be hooked.

Fishing Target

Trout, Pike, Perch, Bass, Walleye, Catfish and so on

Additional information


Blue, Green, White


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